Autumn nailart with nail stamping

With the European November weather, grey skies and rain, I found that making autumn nail art with nail stamping was a delight. Grey matches lots of my autumn outfits.

See also: Inspiration from #nailartbygrip

For some green nails I used OPI Thanks a Windmillion and white base from Depend.


Stamp Nails with stamping plates

  • Paint your nails in a base color. Maker sure the base polish dries completely.
  • Add the other color for the pattern on to the plate.
  • Swipe of the unecessary amount of polish with the scrape or a credit card in plastic.
  • Grab the stamper and push on to the plate to get the pattern om the rubber end. The push gently on to the nail in a swiping move. Do not glide over the nail.
  • Let dry and use top coat to protect.

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