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Two colored wall – perfect for the area of the bed

In this small studio apartment the challanges are many and one thing I find a bit boring is having the wall plain by the head of the bed. So, due to small budget, I came up with the idea to paint the area around the beds head area in another color than the wall and voila!

There is now something happening by the bed area. To top it of I put an Ikea picture list/shelf (such as Mosslanda) on top for keeping small thing above the bed.

Two colored wall – perfect for the area of the bed:

Painted wall for the bed

I made hanging bed light consisting of just a cord and a large glass lamp (E27) hanging of a bracket beside this headboard. Super Simple!


home decoration

Carpet for dining area

Going from just single colored carpet to one with some pattern is quite a change for me. So before buying myself a persian carpet I just have to have a test period of something cheaper.

The area is large so there are not many cheaper Polyester carpets around so I got me two smaller carpets and have the along side to cover the whole area. Perhaps a bit strange but very conveniant in my case.

Now, let’s see how we like this style and if we’ll buy some quality to replace these ones later on.


Carpet bought at Jysk in Sweden.

Price for size 135×190 cm: 1099 SEK


home decoration

Walk in closet under sloped ceiling

I few years back an empty space was converted into a walk in closet under sloped ceiling. Under the hangers a chest drawer is placed for folded clothes. I am pretty pleased with the wall paper giving the room a soft and cosy feel.

home decoration

Basic Table Setting for a Dinner of four

Here is something to inspire!

A basic table setting for a dinner of four, a simple but a beautiful one. For this occation there was an Italian theme of the menu so the menu was printed on a paper for display to the guests and some fresh hearbs in pots directly on the table added feel to it. s can be found in restaurants around the Mediterranean Sea. The table was set without plates since the chef brought all the courses on plates directly to the table.

Traditionally the napkin should be placed to the left of the fork or on the plate, but in this case you fins the napkins in the water glasses. That feels a bit festive!

The knife blades shall always face the plate, and be placed to the right of the plate.








crafts home decoration tutorial

Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

Spray paint glasses for the party or to give away, it is fun and easy!

I bought these cheap champagne glasses at a second hand store for about 1 $ each (5 SEK), like that it is fine if they breaks or looses their gold color when dishwashing them.



Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

  • Clean the glasses and let dry.
  • Cover the parts that are not to be painted.
  • Read the instructions of the spray paint and spray in one smooth push if posible.
  • Let dry fo a while.
  • Remove tape and paper.





Also check out this nice tutorial of cute coffee mugs with gold details thanks to spray paint – 5 minute DIY

art home decoration

Remake Audrey Hepburn painting

Remake Audrey Hepburn painting if you get bored of the classique canvas from Ikea. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just buy some paint for the grey areas and a posca pen for the black parts.

Audrey Hepburn painting

fabric home decoration tutorial

Make pennant banner garland

tutorial-pennant-banner-garlandMake pennant banner garland with this tutorial. It is easier than you might think and can decorate every kind of room.

I make these made to order and sometimes you find the item at


  • Make a paper template, mine is 18 cm x 14 cm. Draw up on the fabric and cut out the pieces, 2 parts per piece.
  • Put the two pieces together with the right side towards each other, sew around the longer sides. Cut of as much fabric you can in the tip and then turn the inside out through the shorter ending. Iron to make the pennants flat.
  • Pin all the pennants along a bios tape, leave around 2 to 4 cm between each pennant and make sure to have at least 10 cm free space in the endings.
  • Sew along the whole bios tape.

Make pennants




home decoration

Reuse retro kitchen shelf

Reuse retro kitchen shelf from the seventies. Just repaint and put up on the wall. On mine I added hooks under the shelf so I can hang mugs on display.






This example of clasic useof this type of shelf have been shared at

home decoration

Handcraft by Grip on Instagram

Handcraft by Grip is on Instagram, check out the latest projects made by Maria Grip on #handcraftbygrip.

fabric gift home decoration tutorial

Pennant Banner for a child

Make a Pennant Banner for a child to decorate the crib or room.

Make a pennant banner

  • Cut out the pieces of fabric
  • Pin the pieces together, right sides towards each other
  • Sew the pieces together, leave an opening
  • Turn them right and iron flat
  • Pin onto the ribbon (bias tape) and sew, make sure the endings of the ribbon are sewn when fisnishing



home decoration

Ladder as storage

Ladder as storage of shoes. It is a quick fix. This old wood ladder was found in an attic, it got repainted it before taking place towards a white wall. Place your pumps!

Here a ladder is staged with a re-make of the Ikea painting of Audrey Hepburn.trastege-forvaring-by-grip



crochet home decoration pattern

Crochet rug of t-shirts

Crochet rug of t-shirts, just cut them in pieces and get started!

Re-use t-shirts that you just don’t want to wear no more but yet not worn out. All you need are a scissor and a crochet hook.


Crochet rug of t-shirts

  • Start by cutting the fabric, according to the picture below. Start with cutting of the arms, neck and all pieces that are not a square. For every t-shirt you should have two pieces of fabric. Cut according to the picture, roll together to a skein.Avoid cutting short peices to joint together, the longer pieces the better.

  • Crochet with a big hook, and make a decision weather you wanna crochet a squared rug or a round one. Crochet the same way as for potholders. Do not tighten the fabric too much since t-shirt fabric has stretch.


Rug made of bedlinnen

I aslo re-use bedlinnen of cotton to make rugs, they stay in good shape for a long time and are washable in the machine.