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  • Knit beanie

    These beanies are knittet in Acrylic yarn, in a round on double pointed needles 3,5 mm. A bit tricky using 5 needles since it is easy for the stitches to fall of. Everyone keeps recommending me to use circle needle… Basic pattern to knit a classic beanie Traditional beanie English rib Tools: Pointed needles size […]

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  • Knit leg warmers

    Knit leg warmers, a beginners project. Since last time I’ve been busy creating home deco as well as beanies of all kind. Mainly still crochetted items but I’m also getting better at knitting. Like creating these leg warmers, knitted in acrylic yarn. The yarn probably is not the best since it is very strectchy but […]

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  • Mixed pillows

    Sofa cushions The left cushion is made with patches of flowers, zigg-zagged onto the pillowcase. The right cushion is partly made by fabric and partly by a knitted piece of fabric, I used two or three threads of thin cotton yarn to knit the piece. Yarn from Create2day.se Handcraft by Grip

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  • Knitted woolhat

    Popular Swedish wool hat   Tutorial Cast on 40 stitches on knitts 8 (european size). I used an uneven woolyarn called Sydney, 100g for adult size. Knit one, purl one until the whole piece measures 50 cm (adult female). Bind of and saw the short ends using some left over yarn, use a crochet when […]