• home decoration
  • Ladder as storage

    Ladder as storage of shoes. It is a quick fix. I found an old wood ladder in the attic, repainted it at let in leaning towards a white wall. Onto I place my pumps and the collage is completeed with a re-make of the Ikea painting of Audrey Hepburn.  

  • home decoration
  • Inspiring French homes

    The magazine Marie Claire Maison in France has lots of inspiring pictures for internal design.¬†Classic French Countrystyle¬†can be found world wide and is loved by many. The magazine also provides modern and trendy designs so if you are not a fan of the countrystyled France you oughta take a look anyway. These pictures shows a […]

  • concrete
  • Creating with concrete

    At a colleagues place I got the opportunity to create with conrete, so much fun! The bowl is made using a simple Ikea bowl, all greased up with oil before I added the concrete. I let it burning for a week before I easily got the concrete bowl of the original one.Beside the bowl I […]