How to crochet

How to crochet, for example a potholder is not so hard as you might think. 

See drawings to get started:

At you’ll find instructionvideos of ‘how to do’, as well as a School of Handcraft.
See video of how to make Love knots triangles:

Pattern Standard Phone Case

Hook 4-5
Cotton Yarn
Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet


  • Chain 10-15, turn.
  • Crochet sc along the whole chain, on both sides of the chain by making one or two (enlargement) sc in the endings. This way yo will make the case a tube. See tutorial here.
  • Crochet several rows single crochet with one color. In my case I made 5 rows.
  • Then switch to another color and continue one row with that color.
  • Switch back to base color and repeat the procedure.
  • Weave in all ends.
Have fun learning!
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