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Soft shawl & hat

Crochet shawl & hat

Used acrylic yarn and a thread of glittery thread, make the shawl look shiny althiugh it’s soft. Made to order with white beanie and matching flower.

Handmade crocheted design, acrylic yarn.
Autumn 2010

Pattern crochet shawl

Start on top of shawl and chain loosely 235 sts.
1st row: 1 sc in the 9th ch from hook, * 6 ch, skip 5 ch, 1 sc in following ch *, repeat *-* until end of row and finish with 6 ch, skip 2 ch, 1 sc in last ch.
2nd row: crochet sl st up to the top of the 1st ch-bow, * 6 ch, 1 sc on top of following bow *, repeat *-* until end of row (this way you’ll dec ½ bow in each side on every row). *-* = 1 repeat.
Repeat 2nd row until there is only 1 bow left. Cut thread and fasten.

Start by putting pearls on the yarn, maximum 30 at the time.
When you run out of pearls on the thread, cut thread (preferably in side of shawl) and put another 30 pearls on the yarn. The idea is that you with even intervals pull up a pearl that will be locked when you crochet following sc.

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