crochet granny squares

Various granny squares

I love granny squares!
It took me some time before I really got the hand of it but now I’m working on various projects including granny squares. It’s so traditional in Sweden to use leftovers of yarn for squares and in the seventies people made clothes of the squares. Just like we’ve seen fashion now days have been taking on the updated trend. If I try making clothes, I wont use the typical colors from the seventies, dark yellow, orange, brown and dark green but lighter colors can make the granny squares look so sweet and cute!
The dress to the right is made by Romance Was Born in Australia
I have been making many large granny squres to later become a blanket for the bed. I use a very soft acrylic yarn in doubble thred, called Carolina. Soon I’m off to putting the suqares together just like the second picture from the blog Carina’s craftblog shows. She shares a tutorial on how to join suares by crocheting them instead of usin a needle and thread.
I made smaller squares of cotton to create a kitchen towel or table-cloth, main color for this project was baby blue and the rest are all very light as well.
The yarn used is Eco cotton from Marks & Kattens (Eco bomull – Sweden) and is very smooth to work with.
Handcraft by Grip

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