crochet granny squares pattern

Cushion of granny squares

I just love to crochet granny squares, therefore my home is now looking like my grannys home with all those squares, on blankets, cushions and table cloth…

Easy to do and perfect for using the left overs of yarn.

Pattern granny squares

To get started, chain 5 (ch 5), and join to form a ring.
Chain 3 (ch 3)—this one counts as your first dc. Make 2 more dcs over ring. This is your first 3 dc shell.
*Ch 2, and make 3 dc over ring. Repeat from* 2 more times, ch 2 and join yarn to the 3rd ch of the round. First row of square is made!

Join the second color of yarn in one of the ch-2 spaces (these are all corners, at this point). Ch 3 to count as your first dc. In the same ch-2 space: 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc. You’ve just made a corner.
Next, ch1, and skip the shell.
*In the next corner, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc). Ch 1, skip the previous round’s shell. Repeat from * twice and join to the third stitch of the round.

With each round, you’ll be adding an extra shell on each side, and by adding your square grows bigger and bigger.

To finish a cushion, make 9 squares, finish all the squares with the same color, I used white. Sew the squares together with a thread of the same yarn when finished and sew the grannys on a piece of fabric.

Want to read about the project in Swedish?

Visit the Swedish site

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