crochet home decoration pattern

Crochet rug of t-shirts

Crochet rug of t-shirts, just cut them in pieces and get started!

Re-use t-shirts that you just don’t want to wear no more but yet not worn out. All you need are a scissor and a crochet hook.


Crochet rug of t-shirts

  • Start by cutting the fabric, according to the picture below. Start with cutting of the arms, neck and all pieces that are not a square. For every t-shirt you should have two pieces of fabric. Cut according to the picture, roll together to a skein.Avoid cutting short peices to joint together, the longer pieces the better.

  • Crochet with a big hook, and make a decision weather you wanna crochet a squared rug or a round one. Crochet the same way as for potholders. Do not tighten the fabric too much since t-shirt fabric has stretch.


Rug made of bedlinnen

I aslo re-use bedlinnen of cotton to make rugs, they stay in good shape for a long time and are washable in the machine.