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Carpet for dining area

Going from just single colored carpet to one with some pattern is quite a change for me. So before buying myself a persian carpet I just have to have a test period of something cheaper.

The area is large so there are not many cheaper Polyester carpets around so I got me two smaller carpets and have the along side to cover the whole area. Perhaps a bit strange but very conveniant in my case.

Now, let’s see how we like this style and if we’ll buy some quality to replace these ones later on.


Carpet bought at Jysk in Sweden.

Price for size 135×190 cm: 1099 SEK


home decoration

Walk in closet under sloped ceiling

I few years back an empty space was converted into a walk in closet under sloped ceiling. Under the hangers a chest drawer is placed for folded clothes. I am pretty pleased with the wall paper giving the room a soft and cosy feel.

home decoration

Basic Table Setting for a Dinner of four

Here is something to inspire!

A basic table setting for a dinner of four, a simple but a beautiful one. For this occation there was an Italian theme of the menu so the menu was printed on a paper for display to the guests and some fresh hearbs in pots directly on the table added feel to it. s can be found in restaurants around the Mediterranean Sea. The table was set without plates since the chef brought all the courses on plates directly to the table.

Traditionally the napkin should be placed to the left of the fork or on the plate, but in this case you fins the napkins in the water glasses. That feels a bit festive!

The knife blades shall always face the plate, and be placed to the right of the plate.








crafts gift tutorial

Decorate Champagne Bottle with Gold

Decorate Champagne Bottle with Gold Glitter, a perfect give away for a birthday. It is easy to do, you just need glue, brusch and glitter. Follow this tutorial!






crafts home decoration tutorial

Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

Spray paint glasses for the party or to give away, it is fun and easy!

I bought these cheap champagne glasses at a second hand store for about 1 $ each (5 SEK), like that it is fine if they breaks or looses their gold color when dishwashing them.



Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

  • Clean the glasses and let dry.
  • Cover the parts that are not to be painted.
  • Read the instructions of the spray paint and spray in one smooth push if posible.
  • Let dry fo a while.
  • Remove tape and paper.





Also check out this nice tutorial of cute coffee mugs with gold details thanks to spray paint – 5 minute DIY

fabric tutorial

Make a diaper pouch

Make a diaper pouch for small storage of a few diapers. Follow this tutorial to get going!


  • Cut a rectangle of the measure you like, I made it 30×20 cm, one piece of fabric for top and and one for bottom.
  • Cut out pieces for the pockets, my measures are 20×15 cm.
  • Cut out a piece of fabric to make the piece for closing.


  • Pin the large pieces of fabric together and sew. Leave an opening and turn right.
  • Make the piece for closing, put on velcro on both the ending of and onto the pouchs back. Sew onto the pouch.
  • Zig zag the pocket pieces and fold. Pin onto the larger pieces short ends, add bios tape on the short ends before sewing all together.




  • Velcro pieces on each side of the pouch.
  • Sew on bios tape on the short ends.


  • Add bios tape along the sides, sew all togehter.


crochet fabric

Make a Pacifier Holder

Make a Pacifier Holder clip out of textile or with yarn. It is quite easy to do your own holders. Either you just use ribbons, that is an easy way to get a finished product. Or you sew two pieces of fabric together to shape a more steady textile holder. If you ccrochet, make sure to use cotton fabric.

sy-napphallare- (2) sy-napphallare- (4)


Handicrafts on Pinterest

My Handicrafts on Pinterest, and others as well. Get inspired!

crafts gift

Easy made Diaper cake

A diaper cake is easy made, you just need three different sized pans and a lot of diapers. I used 88 diapers on this diaper cake and decorated it with satin ribbons glued together.


Make diaper cake

Use pans of different sizez for the three stories of cake.


Put a paper tube in the middle to keep the stories together.


Glue the ribbon endings together.



Launching site

TravelGrip-profilbild-1I am launching a travelsite in English in 2014, not only do I craft in my sparetime, I also travel a lot. I already manage the site with travelguides in Swedish. During 2014 I will launch for foreign followers.
The Facebook page TravelGrip is already live and there I will communicate in borth Swedish and English. Visit and explore!

I studied Online Marketing and one big interest in blogging and setting up websites. I help small companies getting started with their homepages and Google Analytics as well as advertising through Google Adwords. See my LinkedIn page for more info.



Glitter nailart

Glitter nailart is quite easy to do, I chose to only decorate two fingers per hand and keep the rest with a regular french manicure.


Glitter nailart

  • Add one coat of glitter nailpolish sush as OPI Pink yet Lavender on the pinky nail.
  • Add one coat of light pink color on ring finger, let dry.
  • Tape a straight line along the ring finger, you can use regular plastic tape if you want to. Put on a few coats of silver glitter nailpolish, let dry in between the coats.
  • Let dry, and rip then off the tape from the ring finger.
  • Add top coat.



Leopard nailart

Leopard nailart might not be super easy to do on your own, but worth a try if you have a dotting tool and fine art brush. I have made my own dotting tool using a pin onto a pens rubber. I used OPI Got a Date To-Knight, dots OPI Gargantua Green Grape and lines OPI Can’t find my czechbook.


Make leopard nails

  • Add one ot two coats of your base color, let dry.
  • Make irregular dots in a lighter color using a dotting tool or/hand a toothpick, let dry.
  • Make lines around the dots with a darker color, use a fine art brush. Make the lines shaped as C and U. Let dry.
  • Add top coat.