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Handmade Dish cloths

Handcraft by Grip now presents handmade Dish cloths, crocheted by hand using cotton yarn. These dish and wash cloths can be washed and reused over and over again. Great when aiming for zero waste in the home. I make these as give aways to friends and family, and can also made to order in a variety of colors.

It is easy to make your own cloths, they can be made from many different stitches, and also in mix of stitches. Have a look at Instagram for inspiration.



Welcome the spring with colorful nails

I welcome the spring with colorful nails in light colors. See more on Instagram #nailartbygrip

crafts gift tutorial

Decorate Champagne Bottle with Gold

Decorate Champagne Bottle with Gold Glitter, a perfect give away for a birthday. It is easy to do, you just need glue, brusch and glitter. Follow this tutorial!






crafts home decoration tutorial

Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

Spray paint glasses for the party or to give away, it is fun and easy!

I bought these cheap champagne glasses at a second hand store for about 1 $ each (5 SEK), like that it is fine if they breaks or looses their gold color when dishwashing them.



Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

  • Clean the glasses and let dry.
  • Cover the parts that are not to be painted.
  • Read the instructions of the spray paint and spray in one smooth push if posible.
  • Let dry fo a while.
  • Remove tape and paper.





Also check out this nice tutorial of cute coffee mugs with gold details thanks to spray paint – 5 minute DIY


Handicrafts on Pinterest

My Handicrafts on Pinterest, and others as well. Get inspired!

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Easy made Diaper cake

A diaper cake is easy made, you just need three different sized pans and a lot of diapers. I used 88 diapers on this diaper cake and decorated it with satin ribbons glued together.


Make diaper cake

Use pans of different sizez for the three stories of cake.


Put a paper tube in the middle to keep the stories together.


Glue the ribbon endings together.



Launching site

TravelGrip-profilbild-1I am launching a travelsite in English in 2014, not only do I craft in my sparetime, I also travel a lot. I already manage the site with travelguides in Swedish. During 2014 I will launch for foreign followers.
The Facebook page TravelGrip is already live and there I will communicate in borth Swedish and English. Visit and explore!

I studied Online Marketing and one big interest in blogging and setting up websites. I help small companies getting started with their homepages and Google Analytics as well as advertising through Google Adwords. See my LinkedIn page for more info.


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Craft your own Birthday cards

Craft your own Birthday cards, I often do this to send or give to friends and family on thei anniverseries.

Get inspired!

crafts home decoration

Decoration for the garden

Decoration for the garden made of stripes of fabris and a ring of steel wire. A lovely, easy made decoration for a tree in the garden.

Cut out pieces of fabric in different lengths, make a ring out of steel-wire on which you glue the fabric on.

Hang it in the garden and let the wind play with the fabric.



Here’s the information in Swedish!

crafts home decoration shabby chic

Make jar of coins

Make jar of coins for your savings. All you need is an old jar, tie a piece of lace around the opening and you’re done!

Save up your pennies in style. These have a note saying (in Swedish): Vacation Savings.


crafts home decoration shabby chic

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is becoming most popular decorating style in Sweden, here is an easy tip on how to make a makeover by hand.

A wood item is painted twice with a brown color, later one layer of white paint. Let it dry again and than scrub some of the white paint off so the item get an old, used look. Finally I used decoupage from a napkin to get some colour on the item.