crochet home decoration

Bohemian cushion easily made

This is perfect DIY for both experienced as well as new crocheters, make a trendy bohemian cushion, easily made in a few hours.

I mixed a few stitches, such as;


crochet home decoration

Spring cloths for the home

I’ve been making some cute spring cloths for the home, in light colors like offwhite and yellow. Crochetted in 100% cotton, therefore washable in machine so that they can be reused.

Half double and single crochet stitches in a mix

Yellow cloth: made of half double and single crochet stitches in a mix

crochet dich cloth

White cloth: made of shell/mussles stitches


crochet granny squares home decoration

A crocheted moderns granny blanket

A crocheted moderns granny blanket can be striped instead of made out of granny squares. Have a look at this colorful piece used on a sofa. It is made out of left over of yarn which has been used in other projects.

Wanna make one yourself? Tutorial here.


Crochet a modern granny blanket

Get on going and crochet a modern granny blanket without doing the classic squares which have traditionally been used for blankets.

How to crochet a simple yet modern granny blanket

To get started, chain the width of the blanket.
Turn and *Ch 1, and make 3 dc. Repeat from* for the rest of the width.
Make the blanket as long as you wish.
I used many various colors, a perfect way to use up yarn that is left over from other projects.
The black yarn around the blanket was added after all the rows were done.

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crochet fabric

Make a Pacifier Holder

Make a Pacifier Holder clip out of textile or with yarn. It is quite easy to do your own holders. Either you just use ribbons, that is an easy way to get a finished product. Or you sew two pieces of fabric together to shape a more steady textile holder. If you ccrochet, make sure to use cotton fabric.

sy-napphallare- (2) sy-napphallare- (4)

crochet pattern

Crochet Cowl

handcraftbygrip-cowlCrochet Cowl in cotton yarn, wear it to work or parties as a nice shawl. I made one to try it out in 2012 and just love it! Follow this easy pattern to get started!

This post is mentioned on Swedish site Handunik. For Swedish tips, check out my blog Pyssel&!

Crochet a cowl

  • Make a series of chain stitches, try to judge how big you want the cowl to be.
  • Join the ends together with a slip stitch to form a circle.
  • Start crocheting around the circle, I normally make the first round with 1 single stitch in every chain stitch. Join together with slip stitch.
  • Crochet the style you want the cowl, use double stitches to make a loose pattern.

cowl-crochet-handcraft-by-grip crochet-cowl-handcraft-by-grip

Check out this easy tutorial on Youtube for more tips.

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crochet gift granny squares

Crochet baby blanket

Crochet a baby blanket in small and cute granny squares. It can be used in a baby trolley as well as in bed. I’ve used organically colored cotton yarn, colors yellow, beige, pink, blue and brown from M&K (in Sweden).

Worked out the pattern by placing out all the squares meanwhile working. I rarely follow any pattern som this as well as my other items is one of a kind.


Stich the squares together using the hook and finished the sides with three rowes of sc’s.


To make it extra soft and warm keeping I sew on a piece of cotton fabric on the uglier side. The blanket is washable in machine.

crochet home decoration pattern

Crochet rug of t-shirts

Crochet rug of t-shirts, just cut them in pieces and get started!

Re-use t-shirts that you just don’t want to wear no more but yet not worn out. All you need are a scissor and a crochet hook.


Crochet rug of t-shirts

  • Start by cutting the fabric, according to the picture below. Start with cutting of the arms, neck and all pieces that are not a square. For every t-shirt you should have two pieces of fabric. Cut according to the picture, roll together to a skein.Avoid cutting short peices to joint together, the longer pieces the better.

  • Crochet with a big hook, and make a decision weather you wanna crochet a squared rug or a round one. Crochet the same way as for potholders. Do not tighten the fabric too much since t-shirt fabric has stretch.


Rug made of bedlinnen

I aslo re-use bedlinnen of cotton to make rugs, they stay in good shape for a long time and are washable in the machine.



Crochet Beanie Knit-style

I’ve just tryed out a different way to crochet, the result reminds if knitting.

This beanie is easy and quickly done.


Check out a pattern that reminds if this beanie. At Pyssel&Inspiration there is a pattern in Swedish.

crochet pattern

Crochet iPhone case

Make your own iPhonecase, or any other brand. It’s quick to do!

Check out this free pattern and get started.


Pattern Standard Case

Hook 4-5
Cotton Yarn
Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet


  • Chain 10-15, turn.
  • Crochet sc along the whole chain, on both sides of the chain by making one or two (enlargement) sc in the endings. This way yo will make the case a tube. See tutorial here.
  • Crochet several rows single crochet with one color. In my case I made 5 rows.
  • Then switch to another color and continue one row with that color.
  • Switch back to base color and repeat the procedure.
  • Weave in all ends.

A pocket is easy made to stitch on to the front of the case.

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crochet granny squares home decoration

Crochet blanket and cushion

After some hours if work I’ve finished my latest crochet project, a cushion and a blanket made by granny squares.

Both items are made by cotton yarn, for the blanket I crocheted 9 rows of each granny square, all joined together by sewing, using the yarn as thread.
The backside of the cushion is made of solid white furniture fabric, so this cushion can also be used as a seat on the floor.


See also: Pattern to make Granny Squares


Design a beanie

Handcraft by Grip designs and crochet beanies in accordance with the clients desire regarding type and colors.

This is a sketch I recently made to present to the clients before I start to crochet.