crochet granny squares home decoration

A crocheted moderns granny blanket

A crocheted moderns granny blanket can be striped instead of made out of granny squares. Have a look at this colorful piece used on a sofa. It is made out of left over of yarn which has been used in other projects.

Wanna make one yourself? Tutorial here.

crochet gift granny squares

Crochet baby blanket

Crochet a baby blanket in small and cute granny squares. It can be used in a baby trolley as well as in bed. I’ve used organically colored cotton yarn, colors yellow, beige, pink, blue and brown from M&K (in Sweden).

Worked out the pattern by placing out all the squares meanwhile working. I rarely follow any pattern som this as well as my other items is one of a kind.


Stich the squares together using the hook and finished the sides with three rowes of sc’s.


To make it extra soft and warm keeping I sew on a piece of cotton fabric on the uglier side. The blanket is washable in machine.

crochet granny squares home decoration

Crochet blanket and cushion

After some hours if work I’ve finished my latest crochet project, a cushion and a blanket made by granny squares.

Both items are made by cotton yarn, for the blanket I crocheted 9 rows of each granny square, all joined together by sewing, using the yarn as thread.
The backside of the cushion is made of solid white furniture fabric, so this cushion can also be used as a seat on the floor.


See also: Pattern to make Granny Squares

crochet granny squares

Granny squares

Granny squares are made on the Craft Parties my friends and I hold, we inspire each other to create with a crochet hook.
Here I’m sharing photos of projects we’re working on. We all LOVE granny squares!





crochet granny squares home decoration

Crochet blanket

Crochet blanket, a never ending project. I’m crocheting a giant granny square and haven’t yet decides how big I want it so I keep on crocheting. At the moment the size is 72×72 cm.

The granny square blanket is made of cotton yarn in light colors with base color off white. Cotton can later on be washen in the washer on 60 degrees Celsius.

crochet granny squares pattern

Cushion of granny squares

I just love to crochet granny squares, therefore my home is now looking like my grannys home with all those squares, on blankets, cushions and table cloth…

Easy to do and perfect for using the left overs of yarn.

Pattern granny squares

To get started, chain 5 (ch 5), and join to form a ring.
Chain 3 (ch 3)—this one counts as your first dc. Make 2 more dcs over ring. This is your first 3 dc shell.
*Ch 2, and make 3 dc over ring. Repeat from* 2 more times, ch 2 and join yarn to the 3rd ch of the round. First row of square is made!

Join the second color of yarn in one of the ch-2 spaces (these are all corners, at this point). Ch 3 to count as your first dc. In the same ch-2 space: 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc. You’ve just made a corner.
Next, ch1, and skip the shell.
*In the next corner, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc). Ch 1, skip the previous round’s shell. Repeat from * twice and join to the third stitch of the round.

With each round, you’ll be adding an extra shell on each side, and by adding your square grows bigger and bigger.

To finish a cushion, make 9 squares, finish all the squares with the same color, I used white. Sew the squares together with a thread of the same yarn when finished and sew the grannys on a piece of fabric.

Want to read about the project in Swedish?

Visit the Swedish site

crochet granny squares

Various granny squares

I love granny squares!
It took me some time before I really got the hand of it but now I’m working on various projects including granny squares. It’s so traditional in Sweden to use leftovers of yarn for squares and in the seventies people made clothes of the squares. Just like we’ve seen fashion now days have been taking on the updated trend. If I try making clothes, I wont use the typical colors from the seventies, dark yellow, orange, brown and dark green but lighter colors can make the granny squares look so sweet and cute!
The dress to the right is made by Romance Was Born in Australia
I have been making many large granny squres to later become a blanket for the bed. I use a very soft acrylic yarn in doubble thred, called Carolina. Soon I’m off to putting the suqares together just like the second picture from the blog Carina’s craftblog shows. She shares a tutorial on how to join suares by crocheting them instead of usin a needle and thread.
I made smaller squares of cotton to create a kitchen towel or table-cloth, main color for this project was baby blue and the rest are all very light as well.
The yarn used is Eco cotton from Marks & Kattens (Eco bomull – Sweden) and is very smooth to work with.
Handcraft by Grip
crochet granny squares home decoration

Granny squares

It is taking some time but soon it will turn into a blanket. A dreamproject! As a beginner when it comes to crocheting grannys squares I am feeling pretty proud of myself.

I use double thread of the Swedish acrylic yarn Carolina, with needle 5. Not too small needle is to prefer when you are a beginner, therefor this project turned out to be easier than I ever could imagine!

crochet granny squares

Grannys squares

For the second time in my life I tried to make these classic squares. The first time, one year ago, I did not manage to get it right… But now, thanks to a book with easy-to-follow guidelines I managed to get them perfect!
Now I can finally do a colorful blanket using all the left-over yarn I have after making winterhats. It became a lot easier trying to do the squares with a big hook and soft acrylic yarn, instead of using 3mm hook and cotton yarn. The squares measures 15x15cm, I’m gonna finish them all using white thread for two (or more) rows and later saw them all togehter.
I crochet with hook 5mm and use acrylic yarn, preferably the woolmixed Lowisa or pure acrylic Carolina in double tread, all from the webshop