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Give away money in a cute way

Give away money in a cute way by making a small paper book. Beats handing over just an envelope!

ge-bort-pengar-bok-pyssel Make a book of money

  • Cut out a rectangle of hard paper to use as the booklet
  • Cut out a rectangle of decorative light weight paper to use inside the book
  • Fold the hard paper on two places, marking the binding
  • Glue on the decorative paper on the inside, fold it like the hard paper, let dry
  • Cut out a piece of small piece of thin paper to use as back of the binding
  • Fold the money, wrap a ribbon one lap around the stack then draw the ribbon around to the outside of the back cover and tie the endings together.



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Craft your own Birthday cards

Craft your own Birthday cards, I often do this to send or give to friends and family on thei anniverseries.

Get inspired!


Scrapbook photos

I recently scrapbooked a small photo album using a package from Creative Club (in Sweden). They offer members of their club to recieve scrap material monthly, included is also an inspiration flyer to get you started.

Here is a kit for making a small photo album, scrapbooking paper and decorative items.



I don’t just focus on decorating my home, I also love working with my hands doing handcraftworks.

Here I present my very first Scrapbook.