crochet home decoration shabby chic

Entrance of the apartment

The entrance of the apartment is the first impression of a visitor. In Sweden we have seen a long time of country styled looks.
The small table in white is actually a night stand from Ikea, but fits perfectally in this narrow hallway. Also the stool is from Ikea, later painted white and decorated with a crocheted cover. Easy to do!


fabric home decoration shabby chic

Shabby Chic Cushion

This cushion is made of four different fabrics. Three pieces in the front and one large piece in the back.

I like ribbons so I sew on a couple of those where the different fabrics join together and I also places lace along the longer sides.


The cushion measures 60x30cm.


crafts home decoration shabby chic

Make jar of coins

Make jar of coins for your savings. All you need is an old jar, tie a piece of lace around the opening and you’re done!

Save up your pennies in style. These have a note saying (in Swedish): Vacation Savings.


home decoration shabby chic

Inspiring French homes

The magazine Marie Claire Maison in France has lots of inspiring pictures for internal design. Classic French Countrystyle can be found world wide and is loved by many.
The magazine also provides modern and trendy designs so if you are not a fan of the countrystyled France you oughta take a look anyway.
These pictures shows a room decorated in three different styles. It gives you really an idea about what furniture and colors can do to your room.
My favourites are the white rooms, I love the french countrystyle with the painted rafters, glass doors, white furniture and white fabrics. It gives pure harmony. Check out Marie Claires french page here.
concrete home decoration shabby chic

Swedish Home

Welcome home to Anna, a friend of mine!


I found a great deal of inspiration by visiting her house, here in Sweden.
Thanks Anna!
Handcraft by Grip
crafts home decoration shabby chic

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is becoming most popular decorating style in Sweden, here is an easy tip on how to make a makeover by hand.

A wood item is painted twice with a brown color, later one layer of white paint. Let it dry again and than scrub some of the white paint off so the item get an old, used look. Finally I used decoupage from a napkin to get some colour on the item.