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Stroller Bed Hanging Toy

Just made: a Stroller Bed Hanging Toy looking like a pennant banner garland, stuffed and with bells.


fabric gift toy

Toy Cube of fabric

This toy cube of fabric is perfect for small children. Made of cotton print fabric and can be washed in machine. This is a set of toy cube and pennant banner girland.

See previous post on how to sew a toy cube.

fabric gift toy tutorial

Make baby toy cube

Make baby toy cube, they are perfect to give away to newborns or small children.  With a bells inside they make a soft sound.


Make Baby Toy Cube

It is easy to do a baby toy cube, cut out 6 square pieces of fabric of the same size. Add a couple of ribbons. Sew them togehter, one end at the time. I leave a hole in the bottom to fill the cube up with polyfill and the bell. Then stitch the hole and you’re done!

Fabrics for the cube

Fabrics for babytoy cube

Baby toy cube and bells


Stuffed baby toy cube.

Stuffed baby toy cube

Baby toy cube

fabric toy

Baby blankets with ribbons

Baby blankets with ribbons, made of cotton fabric and satine ribbons, measure 30x30cm.
Easy to make, follow this how to on ehow.

Check out the Swedish blog for Swedish instructions.
crochet toy


Happy Easter!
Crocheted chicken, stuffed with filling.