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Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

Spray paint glasses for the party or to give away, it is fun and easy!

I bought these cheap champagne glasses at a second hand store for about 1 $ each (5 SEK), like that it is fine if they breaks or looses their gold color when dishwashing them.



Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

  • Clean the glasses and let dry.
  • Cover the parts that are not to be painted.
  • Read the instructions of the spray paint and spray in one smooth push if posible.
  • Let dry fo a while.
  • Remove tape and paper.





Also check out this nice tutorial of cute coffee mugs with gold details thanks to spray paint – 5 minute DIY

fabric tutorial

Make a diaper pouch

Make a diaper pouch for small storage of a few diapers. Follow this tutorial to get going!


  • Cut a rectangle of the measure you like, I made it 30×20 cm, one piece of fabric for top and and one for bottom.
  • Cut out pieces for the pockets, my measures are 20×15 cm.
  • Cut out a piece of fabric to make the piece for closing.


  • Pin the large pieces of fabric together and sew. Leave an opening and turn right.
  • Make the piece for closing, put on velcro on both the ending of and onto the pouchs back. Sew onto the pouch.
  • Zig zag the pocket pieces and fold. Pin onto the larger pieces short ends, add bios tape on the short ends before sewing all together.




  • Velcro pieces on each side of the pouch.
  • Sew on bios tape on the short ends.


  • Add bios tape along the sides, sew all togehter.


crochet fabric

Make a Pacifier Holder

Make a Pacifier Holder clip out of textile or with yarn. It is quite easy to do your own holders. Either you just use ribbons, that is an easy way to get a finished product. Or you sew two pieces of fabric together to shape a more steady textile holder. If you ccrochet, make sure to use cotton fabric.

sy-napphallare- (2) sy-napphallare- (4)


Handicrafts on Pinterest

My Handicrafts on Pinterest, and others as well. Get inspired!


Glitter nailart

Glitter nailart is quite easy to do, I chose to only decorate two fingers per hand and keep the rest with a regular french manicure.


Glitter nailart

  • Add one coat of glitter nailpolish sush as OPI Pink yet Lavender on the pinky nail.
  • Add one coat of light pink color on ring finger, let dry.
  • Tape a straight line along the ring finger, you can use regular plastic tape if you want to. Put on a few coats of silver glitter nailpolish, let dry in between the coats.
  • Let dry, and rip then off the tape from the ring finger.
  • Add top coat.



Leopard nailart

Leopard nailart might not be super easy to do on your own, but worth a try if you have a dotting tool and fine art brush. I have made my own dotting tool using a pin onto a pens rubber. I used OPI Got a Date To-Knight, dots OPI Gargantua Green Grape and lines OPI Can’t find my czechbook.


Make leopard nails

  • Add one ot two coats of your base color, let dry.
  • Make irregular dots in a lighter color using a dotting tool or/hand a toothpick, let dry.
  • Make lines around the dots with a darker color, use a fine art brush. Make the lines shaped as C and U. Let dry.
  • Add top coat.


art home decoration

Remake Audrey Hepburn painting

Remake Audrey Hepburn painting if you get bored of the classique canvas from Ikea. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just buy some paint for the grey areas and a posca pen for the black parts.

Audrey Hepburn painting

crochet pattern

Crochet Cowl

handcraftbygrip-cowlCrochet Cowl in cotton yarn, wear it to work or parties as a nice shawl. I made one to try it out in 2012 and just love it! Follow this easy pattern to get started!

This post is mentioned on Swedish site Handunik. For Swedish tips, check out my blog Pyssel&!

Crochet a cowl

  • Make a series of chain stitches, try to judge how big you want the cowl to be.
  • Join the ends together with a slip stitch to form a circle.
  • Start crocheting around the circle, I normally make the first round with 1 single stitch in every chain stitch. Join together with slip stitch.
  • Crochet the style you want the cowl, use double stitches to make a loose pattern.

cowl-crochet-handcraft-by-grip crochet-cowl-handcraft-by-grip

Check out this easy tutorial on Youtube for more tips.

More Crochet tips!



Half and half nailart

Half and half nailart can be made by beginners. I myself am a beginner so the nailart wont be to difficult. I used the follwoing nailpolishes for this half and half nailart; OPI Gargantuan Green Grape , Mavala Velvet and Mavala Riga.


Half and half nailart

  • Paint whole nails in one color, let try.
  • Paint half the nails in different color, use tape if you need help with keeping the line straight. Let dry.
  • Make dots on one nail if you want mix match. Let dry.
  • Add topcoat.



fabric toy

Stroller Bed Hanging Toy

Just made: a Stroller Bed Hanging Toy looking like a pennant banner garland, stuffed and with bells.


fabric home decoration tutorial

Make pennant banner garland

tutorial-pennant-banner-garlandMake pennant banner garland with this tutorial. It is easier than you might think and can decorate every kind of room.

I make these made to order and sometimes you find the item at


  • Make a paper template, mine is 18 cm x 14 cm. Draw up on the fabric and cut out the pieces, 2 parts per piece.
  • Put the two pieces together with the right side towards each other, sew around the longer sides. Cut of as much fabric you can in the tip and then turn the inside out through the shorter ending. Iron to make the pennants flat.
  • Pin all the pennants along a bios tape, leave around 2 to 4 cm between each pennant and make sure to have at least 10 cm free space in the endings.
  • Sew along the whole bios tape.

Make pennants




home decoration

Reuse retro kitchen shelf

Reuse retro kitchen shelf from the seventies. Just repaint and put up on the wall. On mine I added hooks under the shelf so I can hang mugs on display.






This example of clasic useof this type of shelf have been shared at