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Give away money in a cute way

Give away money in a cute way by making a small paper book. Beats handing over just an envelope!

ge-bort-pengar-bok-pyssel Make a book of money

  • Cut out a rectangle of hard paper to use as the booklet
  • Cut out a rectangle of decorative light weight paper to use inside the book
  • Fold the hard paper on two places, marking the binding
  • Glue on the decorative paper on the inside, fold it like the hard paper, let dry
  • Cut out a piece of small piece of thin paper to use as back of the binding
  • Fold the money, wrap a ribbon one lap around the stack then draw the ribbon around to the outside of the back cover and tie the endings together.



fabric gift home decoration tutorial

Pennant Banner for a child

Make a Pennant Banner for a child to decorate the crib or room.

Make a pennant banner

  • Cut out the pieces of fabric
  • Pin the pieces together, right sides towards each other
  • Sew the pieces together, leave an opening
  • Turn them right and iron flat
  • Pin onto the ribbon (bias tape) and sew, make sure the endings of the ribbon are sewn when fisnishing



fabric gift toy tutorial

Make baby toy cube

Make baby toy cube, they are perfect to give away to newborns or small children.  With a bells inside they make a soft sound.


Make Baby Toy Cube

It is easy to do a baby toy cube, cut out 6 square pieces of fabric of the same size. Add a couple of ribbons. Sew them togehter, one end at the time. I leave a hole in the bottom to fill the cube up with polyfill and the bell. Then stitch the hole and you’re done!

Fabrics for the cube

Fabrics for babytoy cube

Baby toy cube and bells


Stuffed baby toy cube.

Stuffed baby toy cube

Baby toy cube

fabric tutorial

Make a purse

Make a purse to carry inside other handbags, to keep track of keys and other small items. This simplifies my everday life.

All you need is a few pieces of fabric, ribbons, lace and a zipper. The blue and flowered piece is from Laura Ashley. The rest from local dealers.



Attaching the zipper is the hardest part, especially if you don’t have the right gear.


One side of the bag, almost done!


Bottom of the purse.


See the tutorial of Make fabric bag with zipper for details.

fabric gift pattern

Mobile case of fabric

A mobile case of fabric might be easy to do, I made this last night, took maybe just an hour because I skipped making lining which is recommended.

Make mobile case of fabric

Cut two pieces of the same size, one piece half the size for a pocket and a small piece for the enclosement. Zig zag around all the sides of the pieces.

Fold in the side that is supposed to be the opening of the pocket and stitch.

Pin the three pieces together. Make sure to place the pocket correctly. Stitch together.

Stitch the smallest piece together with inside out, along the longer sides. Turn it right. Pin onto the back of the case and stitch after opening of the case has been folded and stitched.

Stitch on velcro on the inside of the small piece and onto the front of the case. Just measure by closing the case and then stitch it on.


fabric pattern tutorial

Make fabric bag with zipper

Make a fabric bag with zipper, since I am a beginner to using zippers in my projects I made this tutorial. Good for real amateurs like me. 🙂

The fabric I used comes from IKEA, it is old and served as a try out.


Make fabric bag with zipper

Plan if  you are going to make a simple bag or one with lining.

Cut out two pices of fabric, one piece each for the bags front and back. I measured the fabrics short ends after the zippers length.


I usually zig zag along all sides of the fabric. Then place the fabrics towards each others right sides and stitch together on all ends except the opening.

Place the both fabrics onto the zippers one side. The lining on the backside and the front fabric on the zippers right side. Stitch on.

Later stitch on the other end of the lining fabric onto the zippers other side.



After putting on the linings two pices on the zippers backside, and one side of the exterior fabric on the front side of the zipper, you can sew the sides and bottom of the bag/bags.



Almost all set, check out how the inside of the bag looks.


Turn the bag right, while the last side of the exterior fabric is still loose.


Put the last remaining side on the outer side of the zipper. Stitch on and your fabric bag is done!




Renew pillowcases

Want to get that hotel feeling in your bedroom? It is easy made with some ribbons.

Re-new a couple of pillow cases with ribbons on a sewing machine

  • Cheap cotton pillow cases can be found at Ikea.
  • Cut out a peice of ribbon and place out on the pillow case. Pin the ribbon when you shape it as a square.
  • Sew the ribbon on to the case.
  • Voila! A brend new fresch pillow case.


crochet home decoration pattern

Crochet rug of t-shirts

Crochet rug of t-shirts, just cut them in pieces and get started!

Re-use t-shirts that you just don’t want to wear no more but yet not worn out. All you need are a scissor and a crochet hook.


Crochet rug of t-shirts

  • Start by cutting the fabric, according to the picture below. Start with cutting of the arms, neck and all pieces that are not a square. For every t-shirt you should have two pieces of fabric. Cut according to the picture, roll together to a skein.Avoid cutting short peices to joint together, the longer pieces the better.

  • Crochet with a big hook, and make a decision weather you wanna crochet a squared rug or a round one. Crochet the same way as for potholders. Do not tighten the fabric too much since t-shirt fabric has stretch.


Rug made of bedlinnen

I aslo re-use bedlinnen of cotton to make rugs, they stay in good shape for a long time and are washable in the machine.


fabric pattern tutorial

Make a case for any Pad

Make a case for any Pad, It’s quite easy to custom make to your own pad, no matter the brand. You just need som fabric, felt, a sewing machine and you’re done!

Pattern Pad Case


  • Select which cotton fabric and felt as wadding to use.

  • Cut out two pieces of fabric, one of the gelt and one of the cotton. Make sure the inner piece is  bit smaller. Measure to the Pad, in a standing position. The cotton fabric I used is from Laura Ashley.
  • Zig Zag around the cotton fabric.

  • Put the felt on the backside of the cotton, quilt the whole piece.

  • Fold the endings and make nice stitches along the short side.
  • Fold the whole piece to make it double and sew together the long sides. Leave the short ends open.


More ideas:

Similar case

Florar case 

Safe case

Padded case

fabric home decoration pattern tutorial

Make Pennant Banner

Make Pennant Banner, a decorative banner can be made of your favourite fabrics.


Make Pennant Banner


  • Make a paper template, mine is 18 cm x 14 cm. Draw up on the fabric and cut out the pieces, 2 parts per piece.
  • Put the two pieces together with the right side towards each other, sew around the longer sides. Cut of as much fabric you can in the tip and then turn the inside out through the shorter ending. Iron to make the pennants flat.
  • Pin all the pennants along a bios tape, leave around 2 to 4 cm between each pennant and make sure to have at least 10 cm free space in the endings.
  • Sew along the whole bios tape.







Make Paper pennant

If you prefer to simplify, cut out pieces of scrapbook paper, with prints on both sides, sew them onto a ribbon of your choice, you can use a sewing machine.

Check out another kind of pennants:

Small pennant for childs crib

The Purl Bee’s Party Garland

home decoration

Decorate with ladder

I discovered that this lovely ladder in the attic and it was going to be thrown so I took it down to the apartment for display.


I have now decided to paint it in a turquoise color which is going to look nice in my white home, it’ll be leaning towards a wall.
I used a lovely color from Beckers.



crafts home decoration

Decoration for the garden

Decoration for the garden made of stripes of fabris and a ring of steel wire. A lovely, easy made decoration for a tree in the garden.

Cut out pieces of fabric in different lengths, make a ring out of steel-wire on which you glue the fabric on.

Hang it in the garden and let the wind play with the fabric.



Here’s the information in Swedish!