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Remake Audrey Hepburn painting

Remake Audrey Hepburn painting if you get bored of the classique canvas from Ikea. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just buy some paint for the grey areas and a posca pen for the black parts.

Audrey Hepburn painting


Renew pillowcases

Want to get that hotel feeling in your bedroom? It is easy made with some ribbons.

Re-new a couple of pillow cases with ribbons on a sewing machine

  • Cheap cotton pillow cases can be found at Ikea.
  • Cut out a peice of ribbon and place out on the pillow case. Pin the ribbon when you shape it as a square.
  • Sew the ribbon on to the case.
  • Voila! A brend new fresch pillow case.


art home decoration

Making my own art

Making my own art with my friend, we create some custom made paintings for our home. All you need is some canvas, paint and brushes and you’re good to go!

New art

Me on the other hand has recently worked on a canvas from IKEA. It is a print of Audrey Hepburn which I got bored of so I added some color.

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Entrance of the apartment

The entrance of the apartment is the first impression of a visitor. In Sweden we have seen a long time of country styled looks.
The small table in white is actually a night stand from Ikea, but fits perfectally in this narrow hallway. Also the stool is from Ikea, later painted white and decorated with a crocheted cover. Easy to do!


home decoration

Closet makeover

Look at this boring closet PAX from Ikea.
I strongly felt it needed some color, especially to fit in a specific livingroom (white and black)! 
Said and done!

With paint and wallpaper the whole closet turned into a decorated wall.

I started by making sure the original finish got off and cleaned the doors and sides. After that I just painted the frames in a black lac-dye and the sides white (to make the closet ‘melt’ into the white wall) and let it all dry. Afterwards I put up the wallpaper on the slide doors and Voilá!


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