crochet pattern

Crochet iPhone case

Make your own iPhonecase, or any other brand. It’s quick to do!

Check out this free pattern and get started.


Pattern Standard Case

Hook 4-5
Cotton Yarn
Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet


  • Chain 10-15, turn.
  • Crochet sc along the whole chain, on both sides of the chain by making one or two (enlargement) sc in the endings. This way yo will make the case a tube. See tutorial here.
  • Crochet several rows single crochet with one color. In my case I made 5 rows.
  • Then switch to another color and continue one row with that color.
  • Switch back to base color and repeat the procedure.
  • Weave in all ends.

A pocket is easy made to stitch on to the front of the case.

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Case for smartphones

This crocheted case is made of cotton which is washable in machine. It fits all kind of smartphones, such as iPhone, Sony Ericsson Xperia, HTC Desire and Samsung.


For the cellphone

Small case for mobilephone or devices like mp3 players. This one was ordered by my mother for her Nokia phone. Made by soft acrylic yarn.