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Two colored wall – perfect for the area of the bed

In this small studio apartment the challanges are many and one thing I find a bit boring is having the wall plain by the head of the bed. So, due to small budget, I came up with the idea to paint the area around the beds head area in another color than the wall and voila!

There is now something happening by the bed area. To top it of I put an Ikea picture list/shelf (such as Mosslanda) on top for keeping small thing above the bed.

Two colored wall – perfect for the area of the bed:

Painted wall for the bed

I made hanging bed light consisting of just a cord and a large glass lamp (E27) hanging of a bracket beside this headboard. Super Simple!


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Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

Spray paint glasses for the party or to give away, it is fun and easy!

I bought these cheap champagne glasses at a second hand store for about 1 $ each (5 SEK), like that it is fine if they breaks or looses their gold color when dishwashing them.



Spray Paint Glasses for the Party

  • Clean the glasses and let dry.
  • Cover the parts that are not to be painted.
  • Read the instructions of the spray paint and spray in one smooth push if posible.
  • Let dry fo a while.
  • Remove tape and paper.





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