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How to style a studio for Airbnb stays

Thinking about publishing a place on Airbnb? Then there are e few things worth looking into before making the place available for guests.

A small studio can easily appear cramped since it does not have much space for un-necessary items and large furniture. Plan a little on how to style a studio for Airbnb stays, bear in mind that your potential guests are looking for either a home away from home or something that can be compared to a hotel room.

I am taking the opportunity to show my studio as an example of how a Studio fit for Airbnb guests could look.

Essential services and items

  • Bed with linen
  • TV
  • Wifi
  • Coffe / Tea maker
  • Towels

Hide all items that are personal as well as any books, papers and other items that cannot be of use for the guests. These items just makes the place look messy. When it comes to interior designing small areas, always think:

Less is More

A bright place with daylight from large windows is a delight to decorate, but if a place does not receive much daylight I suggest having all walls white, or at leats very lightcolored.

The sleeping area

In a Studio it can be quite difficult to separate the sleeping area from the living area since there is just one room to fit both. So why not try so build a thin wall or hang drapes from the ceiling as a room divider?

It is certainly easy to use drapes as a divider, thin drapes still spread the light of windows which can be essential for both comfort as well as for taking good images.

Make sure to offer a clean home and a clean bed. Check the matress and vacum clean it on a regular basis. Make the bed for your guests and have extra pillow, sheet and duvet available for them.

Also, keep the sofa clean. Yyou never know, someone might sleep in it.

Dining area

If there is a table for dining of laptop-use I recommend showing this. Just as simple as by a photo like this one below.

The Bathroom

Is can be a real challenge to portrait the, generally, small bathroom in photos so I suggest that you at least take a photo of fresh towels and/or of shower cream/shampoo bottles you might offer in the shower or bath. This indicates the level of standard of your place and services.